Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

A beautiful little lemon and buttercream cake from the Loblaws on Richmond Rd. Bought by me and consumed by me! (I was pregannt, so it's allowed!) However, I still have the pounds from this and other delectable treats around my middle. Oh well!

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers out there! And you are ALL beautiful!


A Healthy Breakfast

Have spent the last two years on a blissful maternity/parental leave. Each day my main concern in life was feeding, clothing, and brushing teeth for two sweet little kiddies. Well, not so sweet when I had to brush their teeth! Ugh!

Anyway, I love cold cereal with milk, fruit and tea for breakfast. My son (4.5) likes cereal and milk (Mini Wheats are good - he insists on arranging them all so the frosted side is up and gets very angry when they flip over). My daughter (22 months) isn't interested in cereal and likes boiled eggs, bananas, rice..savoury things mostly! Walnuts are to sharpen their little brains!

A good start to the day!